Microsoft PowerPoint - Advanced


With PowerPoint, you can easily create powerful visuals and apply professional-looking designs to photos and text, and to videos. PowerPoint opens up a world of design options to give life to your ideas. With PowerPoint, you can effectively engage your audience by embedding and personalizing videos within your presentation, thus saving your time and money.
Course Objectives
  • Exploring ways to quickly and creatively grab your audience and inspire them with your ideas by using easy-to-use tools, customizable templates, color schemes, and photo-editing capabilities.
  • Completing task given with ease and efficient, thus saving you time and money.
  • Learning the tips and shortcuts.

In-House Training


2 days (9:00am to 5:00pm)

Who Should Attend

Individuals who have attended the Foundation/Intermediate level or self-taught Microsoft PowerPoint users who want to explore more on advanced tools in Microsoft PowerPoint

Learning Methodology
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Group Discussion
  • Hands-On
  • Exercises
Pre-requisite before Attending the Class

Individuals should have an understanding of any of the following operating systems: Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA

Course Outline

1: Customizing PowerPoint

  • How to change the default format of the blank presentation
  • How to change the default language setting
  • How to change the default display options
  • How to change the default spelling options
  • How to change the default security options
  • How to change the default save and default folder options
  • About the Quick Access toolbar
  • Add-in programs
    – How to load an add-in program
    – How to unload an add-in program

3: Drawing Tools

  • Drawing Options
  • Drawing Shapes
    – How to draw circles, squares and AutoShapes
    – How to change the colour of a shape
    – How to change the fill effect of a shape
    – How to change the line border and
    border colour of a shape
  • Editing Shapes
    – How to resize a shape
    – How to type text into a shape
  • Group and Ungroup Objects

5: Slide Shows

  • Viewing a presentation
  • Running Slide Shows
  • Electronic presentations
  • Animating Slides
    – How to apply animation effects
    – How to add transitions
    – How to apply slide timings
    – How to set slide timings while rehearsing
    – How to run a slide show
    – How to annotate on slides
    – How to create a loop slide show
  • Package for CD

2: Working with Objects

  • Tables
    – How to insert a Table
    – How to insert Rows/Columns
    – How to delete Rows/Columns
    – How to merge Cells
    – How to add borders
    – Sorting a table in PowerPoint
  • Organisation Charts
    – How to insert an Organisation Chart
    – How to edit an Organisation Chart
    – Inserting and Deleting boxes
    – Converting one box type to another
    – How to change the box border and border colour
    – How to change the font
  • Creating Charts
    – How to insert a Chart
    – Editing the Chart
    – How to change the Chart Type
    – How to change Chart attributes
    – How to insert an Excel worksheet

4: Controlling the Overall Look

  • Presentation Designs
    – How to apply a Design Theme
    – How to apply a colour scheme
    – How to create a custom colour scheme
    – How to add a textured background
    – What happens to my slides when I change the Master?
    – Make a slide that differs from the master
    – Make an object appear on every slide in the presentation
    – How to work on the slide masters
  • Templates

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What You Can Expect From Our Course

Qualified Trainer

Our trainer is a Microsoft Office 2010 Master Specialist and well-sought after Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 15 years of experience. He has conducted hundreds of Microsoft Office application classes with leading companies in the region and gets excellent ratings for
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Small Class Sizes

We limit the number of participants to 15 pax per session. This means that participants will become more productive immediately after the training session.


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Participants will be given an email for assistance on future inquiries.

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