Microsoft Office for Accounts and Finance
Microsoft Office for Accounts and Finance combines the powerful features of Excel and Word that allow you to manage and analyse your financial data with ease and increasing your day-to-day efficiency. This training will also expose you on how your business documents and forms are collaborated in order to make your work much easier. You’ll be amazed with the tips and tricks that save you the most time and effort. Enjoy learning MS Office for Accounts and Finance!
You’ll learn
  • Advanced Data Management with Microsoft Excel
    – Reporting and extracting of records will make easy using the Formulas and Functions that will streamline the workflow of your report.
  • Business Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel
    – Analysis business data is crucial for all Finance Personnel to produce meaningful report for the management.
    – Being able to protect and secure your work is also very important.
  • Business Documents and Forms with Microsoft Word
    – Collaboration within Microsoft Office Application can make your work much easier.
    – Reports, proposals, technical financial reports and much more are made easy with centralised formatting using Microsoft Word.
Who Should Attend

Individuals who have been using Microsoft Office applications and wanted to improve their skill in handling data in variety of ways to best suit the organization. Accounts and Finance staff from various industries are encouraged to participate in this program.

Learning Methodology
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Group Discussion
  • Hands-On
  • Exercises
About the Trainer

Kelvin Ng is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Office 2010 Master Specialist with 15 years of training experience. He is able to relate practical usage of Formulas and Excel Features in your daily work and save you a great deal of time.

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Course Outline

Duration: 2 days (9.00am – 5.00pm)
Venue: In-House Training

MODULE 1: Functions for Financial Analysis

You will learn the new financial features such as naming a cell, hiding of formulas and the meaning of the term array formula. More functions such as IF, INDEX, MATCH and OFFSET will be introduced and the application of these functions.

Topics Covered:
• Offset, Index and Match Formulas
• Using name range and create a dynamic Range
• Vlookup & Hlookup Functions
• Logical Functions (If, And, Or, Iferror)
• Database Functions
• Text Functions

MODULE 3: Analysing Data

This module will expose you to Pivot Table as a reporting tool. You will learn data extraction, how to display them in a presentable table, the manipulation of the table as well as converting the extracted data to charts and other graphics presentations.

Topics Covered:
• Understanding Data List (Database)
• Database Management Features
– Sort
– Subtotal
– AutoFilter & Advance Filter
• PivotTable Part I
• PivotTable Part II

MODULE 5: Streamline your workflow in Microsoft Word

In this module, you will learn to deal with long documents formatting. Most Word Users will spend many hours formatting their document or repairing their formatting in the document. This issue can be solved by using the Style in Microsoft Word. You will learn to create Table of Contents, use the Reference tools and setup a cover page in just a few clicks.

Topics Covered:
• Understanding and applying styles in the document
• Modifying the Style
• Create a Table of Contents
• Modify and update your Table of Contents
• Create Cross References
• Collaborate Microsoft Office application

MODULE 2: Sensitivity Analysis in Business

This module delves into the important and commonly used Excel features such as Data Table, Solver and Scenarios. These features are used for IF analysis and you will be shown how each of them are used and applied.

Topics Covered:
• What If Analysis
– Data Table
– Scenario Manager
– Goal Seek
– Solver
• Data Validation
• Conditional Formatting
• Cell, Worksheet and Workbook Protection

MODULE 4: Importing Data to Excel

This module will expose you to solve problems face when importing external data into Excel. Importing text documents (txt), word documents (docx) and other formats are made easy using the import wizards. You can also import data from the internet such as the Exchange Rates if you trade in various currencies.

Topics Covered:
• Import Data to Excel
– Using Text Delimiters
– Text to Columns
• Import data from the Web

MODULE 6: Finalizing Your Document

You will learn how to protect and prevent the document from accidental editing or intentional editing by unauthorised user. Document authenticity will be addressed and you can sign off a document using your digital signature.

Topics Covered:
• Password Protection
– Password to Open
– Password to Modify
– Encrypt your Document
• Mark document as Final
• Understanding Digital Signature

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