Microsoft Excel for HR
Discover how Microsoft Excel for HR solves the difficulties faced by HR (Human Resource) staff on a daily basis in doing employee compensations, salary, leave, benefits, and many more.
You’ll learn:
  • Learning the tips and shortcuts that save time and simplify work, thus solving the difficulties faced by HR staff on a daily basis in doing employee compensations, salary, leave, benefits, and many more.
  • Learning the formatting techniques to convert data from different sources, and making use of the most important formulas for HR
  • Building knowledge and developing your skill with the aim of finishing with a spreadsheet set up just how you want it.
Who should attend?

New and Experienced HR professionals from Admin, Compensation and Benefits, and other HR related functions.

About the Trainer

Kelvin Ng is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Office 2010 Master Specialist with 15 years of training experience. He is able to relate practical usage of Formulas and Excel Features in your daily work and save you a great deal of time.

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Courses Outline

Duration: 2 days

1: Basic Excel Features

  • What is AutoSum?
  • Working with Basic Formulas
  • Working with Functions and Formulas

3: Using Formulas in Excel

  • Understanding Relative and Absolute Cell References
  • Basic Mathematical Operators
  • Using Formulas with Multiple Cell References

5: Exploring Excel Functions

  •  What are Functions?
  • Finding the Right Function
  • Some Useful and Simple Functions

7: Using the VLOOKUP Function

  • Using VLOOKUP to Find Data
  • How to Find an Exact Match with VLOOKUP
  • Finding the Closest Match with VLOOKUP

9: PivotTables

  • What is a PivotTable?
  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Creating a PivotTable Frame
  • Specifying PivotTable Data
  • Rearranging PivotTable Data

11: What If Analysis

  • Using a One and Two Input Data Table
  • Using Goal See
  • What is a Scenario?
  • Creating a Scenario

13: Protecting your Workbook

  •  Protecting your Workbook
  • Protecting your Worksheets
  • Unlocking Cells
  • Protecting your Excel Files

15: Macros

  • Recording Macros
  • Playing a Macro
  • Macro Security
  • Recording a Relative Reference Macro
  • Running a Relative Reference Macro
  • Assigning a Keystroke to a Macro

2: Using Custom AutoFill Lists

  • What is an AutoFill List?
  • Creating a Custom AutoFill List
  • Modifying a Custom AutoFill List
  • Using a Custom AutoFill List

4: Working with Names and Ranges

  • What Are Range Names?
  • Defining and Using Range Names
  • Selecting Nonadjacent Ranges

6: Using Functions in Excel

  • Inserting Functions
  • Using Functions and AutoFill to Perform Difficult Calculations
  • Using the IF Function
  • Working with Nested Functions

8: Getting the Most from Your Data

  • Using Automatic Outlining
  • Displaying and Collapsing Levels
  • Grouping Data Manually
  • Creating Subtotals

10: More about PivotTables

  • Modifying PivotTable Calculations
  • Formatting a PivotTable
  • Refreshing a PivotTable
  • Charting a PivotTable

12: Linking & Consolidating

  • Linking Workbooks
  • Consolidating Workbooks

14: Creating and Using Shared Workbooks

  • Sharing a Workbook
  • Opening and Editing a Shared Workbook
  • Tracking Changes
  • Resolving Conflicts in a Shared Workbook

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