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If you work in an office, chances are you use Microsoft Excel frequently. In fact, you may spend a whole day working on one workbook with its various spreadsheets. Discover how Microsoft Excel training can help you to increase your productivity by mastering the tips and tricks to reduce the amount of time you take to complete a task.
Course Objectives:
  • Building knowledge and developing your skill with the aim of finishing with a spreadsheet set up just how you want it.
  • Saving time and simplify work, thus boosting your staff work productivity.
  • Helping you and your organization making better, smarter decisions.
  • Learning the tips and shortcuts.
Who Should Attend:

Individuals who are interested to learn more on auditing, charts, Macros, Analysis Tools, and working on data. Managers and Executives from Finance and IT Departments are encouraged to attend.

Pre-requisite before Attending the Class

Individuals should have an understanding of any of the following operating systems: Windows

Learning Methodology:
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Group Discussion
  • Hands-On
  • Exercises

2 days (9:00am to 5:00pm)


In-House Training

Courses Outline


  • Creating a PivotTable
  • Filtering and Sorting Data
  • Grouping Data

Working With Charts

  • Creating Charts
  • Chart Types
  • Formatting Charts
  • Changing the Chart Layout

Linking & Embedding

  • Linking Data within a Worksheet
  • Linking Cells between Worksheets within a Workbook
  • Linking Data between Workbooks
  • Linking Data from Excel to a Word Document
  • Linking an Excel Chart to a Word Document

Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Sorting Data
  • Custom Sorting Options
  • Subtotals
  • Filtering a List
  • Custom Criteria And – Or
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Calculated Criteria Using Functions


  • Creating a Scenario
  • Creating a Scenario Summary Report


  • Dependants and Precedents
  • Identifying Cells with Missing Dependants
  • Showing All Formulas in a Worksheet
  • Comments

Input Tables

  •  One-Input Data Tables
  • Two-Input Data Tables


  • Inserting a Hyperlink
  • Editing a Hyperlink
  • Removing a Hyperlink

Importing Text Files

  • Importing a Delimited Text File

Tracking and Reviewing Changes

  • Enabling or Disabling “Tracking Changes”
  • Sharing, Comparing and Merging Worksheets


  • Decimal Number
  • Whole Number
  • Date
  • Text Length
  • List
  • Formula
  • Data Validation Messages

Working with Macro

  • Using Macros
  • Assigning a Shortcut Key

Password and Security Issues

  • Password Protection
  • Protect Worksheet Data
  • Hiding Formula
  • Un-hiding Formula

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Our full range of services can help you in many ways:

Custom Courses

  • We can work with you to deliver a tailored made course for your staff, not only in Microsoft Excel, but also PowerPoint, Word and other Microsoft Office software

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  • We can work with you to design standard business documents in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, making it quick and easy to produce professional, branded, stunning business documents

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  • Unsure if Microsoft Excel gives you the information you need to run your business? We can design, develop and generate monthly reports in easily accessible formats such as PDF, giving you the information at your fingertips to run your business – no more days wasted in incomprehensible data reports

What You Can Expect From Our Course

Qualified Trainer

Our trainer is a Microsoft Office 2010 Master Specialist and well-sought after Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 15 years of experience. He has conducted hundreds of Microsoft Office application classes with leading companies in the region and gets excellent ratings for
all his classes.

Small Class Sizes

We limit the number of participants to 15 pax per session. This means that participants will become more productive immediately after the training session.


Real answers and solutions to your issues, not off the shelf training.

Ask Our Expert

Participants will be given an email for assistance on future inquiries.

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